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BF20(L) Vario TeknoMotor Mountingplate

Article number1682
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The standard motor that comes with the BF20(L) works, but experience shows that this motor is not suitable made for CNC milling. There are two main problems that typically occur. The first is that the motor runs at maximum 3000 RPM. For milling steel this is sufficient, but for milling aluminium and plastics this is too slow. The second problem is that the motor is not designed for the long hours it will run CNC. The brushes will wear out fast. For these reasons we have designed a mount, which allows you to mount a C41/47 Type TeknoMotor to the BF20L. Teknomotors have no brushes and have a much higher quality. In addition to this, the RPM range is much broader. We recommend the 12000-18000RPM models, since these have the ideal range, allowing steel to be cut when using small tools (3-4mm) while also Aluminium or Plastics can be machined with both smaller and bigger tools.

Component features:

  • TeknoMotor not included (12-24000 RPM models recommended)
  • Only for TeknoMotor C41/47 D model
  • CNC Milled from massive blok of aluminium