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CPU5B 6-axis Software + Hardware interface

Article number 1145
In Stock In Stock
EAN-number 8719324766036
399,00 Excluded VAT Price per piece
This Advanced CPU, is intended for high speed machines with complex tool-changers. It allows IO ports te be read/writen via G-code commands. This makes it an excellent choice for business customers that intend to automate a process or a complex machine.

Component features:
  • Features same as CPU v4.0 + extra listed below
  • Optional Ethernet Connection
  • 6 axis (Tandem/Slave, 4th axis milling, rotating knife etc)
  • 125 KHz step frequency (for Stepper/Servo control)
  • Handwheel/MPG/Pendant input
  • Multiple PWM for spindle speed, laser intensity etc.
  • Probe/Toolsetter Input
  • Spindle sensor(Threading on lathes or spindlespeed on mills)
  • Extra I/O for complex toolchangers, automation of industrial processes etc.
  • Compatible with HP5042,HP5056,HP8078 drivers +MPG handwheel
  • Please for software get the latest version at


Here you can find all attachments that are linked to the product. Click on the icon to download.

1145_usbcnc_man_v4.00.pdf 1145 usbcnc_man_v4.00
1145_DamenCNC_Quickstart_guide_USBCNC_ethernet.pdf 1145 DamenCNC Quickstart guide USBCNC ethernet
1145_CPU_5B_Tech_Flyer.pdf 1145 CPU 5B Tech Flyer
1145_Firmware_we_advise_V1.10_AEH_Ethernet.cry 1145 Firmware we advise V1.10 AEH Ethernet
1145_Stable_release_4.01.56.exe 1145 Stable release 4.01.56