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The beginning of DamenCNC

Started as a hobby, now more than 4.000 products and active in 38 countries.

DamenCNC was initiated by Kevin Damen, originally from Alphen aan den Rijn (Netherlands). During his studies in Aerospace Engineering (TU Delft), he started making CNC machines as a hobby. After several years of hard work and determination, this hobby has grown into the company it is today, with its own office, workplace and warehouse. Currently there are seven persons working in our company and several of them are TU Delft students or graduates still. Our goal is that given enough time, and with a little perseverance, anyone can succeed using CNC machines.


Our mission is to be of all-round assistance to anyone working with motion control, whether it concerns professional or hobby use. Although the name is still DamenCNC, we have expanded to motion control in general over the past few years. We have done projects in ‘moving art’, theater, pick-and-place, precision dispensing, and many more besides CNC. Key points for us are: To offer both complete motion control systems, that are ready to use, and any smaller parts you might need. To cater to both businesses and individuals. To have every item in stock and keep delivery times short, in contrast to the often common waiting periods of several weeks for these types of products. To assist companies in their CNC/motion control projects. If you would like a consultation, don´t hesitate to contact us by e-mail. To keep developing our own products. The philosophy is that we only design what is not available. If we can purchase and trade a product that is of good quality and price, there is no use in developing it. But we often get requests for items that are not available or too expensive, which is when we like to add new products to the market of motion control. Examples of our own products are anti-backlash nuts, RTR controllers and linear slide modules.