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SF40_C3 Floating Ballscrew Support Unit

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The BF Floating Ballscrew Support Units, or used in combination with the BK Fixed Ballscrew Support Units. For example for a BK10 the counterpart is the BF10. The only thing that is a bit confusing, is that a BK10 has a 10mm inside diameter like you would expect, but the BF10 that goes on the floating end has an 8mm bore. Once you know, and have the correct end machining on the ballscrew it's no problem at all.

Component eigenschappen:
  • Type of support used on the floating side (can only take radial loads)
  • Compatible with BK series Fixed bearing blocks
  • Exchangeable with other brands like THK, NSK, MISUMI, KURODA
  • In this design the bearing is fixed to the ballscrew, and the bearing can move freely in axial direction through the floating housing