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Water Chiller 1900Watt

Artikelnummer 3498
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Heavy Duty Water Cooler, also know as a chiller. This module has an integrated heat exchanger, like in a refrigator. This allows much more precise control of the spindle temperature. Als it can dissipate much more heat. Often used in in the bigger motors, in the range 5-10kw It also has a status output, this is a potential free contact(relay). We use this in CNC systems to generate an error and stop the milling spindle, in case the chiller unit is not working for some reason.

Component eigenschappen:

  • Quality product: Made in Europe
  • System has an ALARM/Ready output (relay signal is 1 when OK, and is 0 when there is an error)
  • No Need to Purge the system (If the tank is filled up, it automatcily purges the lines)
  • Nominal cooling capacity: 1.920 W (50 Hz) liquid 40 °C
  • Power supply : 230 V - 1 - 50/60 Hz
  • Electric temperature controller. dual set /: Temperature control adjustable water between +15 and +27 ° C, high temperature alarm water
  • Structure : Self-supporting galvanized steel casing A powder-coated
  • Pump Flow rate 8-30 l/min
  • Pump Pressure: 3-0.5 bar
  • Thermoplastic tank (nom. capacity): 5,5liters
  • Bronze / stainless steel circulation pump.
  • Noise level (at 1 m distance) 55dB
  • High performance rotary vane or scroll compressors with low energy consumption.
  • Tank equipped with top- up system and sight level.
  • Electronic microprocessor thermoregulator for fluid temperature control and display
  • Protective metal frame made of S235 steel painted with epoxy powder and with a semi-gloss textured effect.
  • Low-noise axial fans
  • Bypass on the hydraulic circuit.
  • High efficiency heat exchangers
  • Weight : 42 Kg
  • Systems uses a mixture of Glycol and water. (10-30% ratio of Glycol to water is what is recommended)