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300x200x60mm Granite measuring square DIN875/00

Article number 3966
Not in stock Not in stock
519,99 Excluding VAT Price per piece

Measuring square that we use here at DamenCNC to check alignment on CNC machines. It can be used to check if the X and Y axis on a CNC machine are really 90 degrees. Also it can be used when placed vertical to check if the Z-axis really moved in vertical direction or at an Angle. This is not a standard measuring square. Most squares you can buy are only allowed to be used in vertical direction. This model has a modified plane, so that it can also be used while lying down. Its an extra machining operation, that adds some costs. But its requires when used to check calibration on CNC machines.

Component features:

  • Not a stock item, made to order! (3-4 weeks leadtime)
  • Extra machining done to the 3de plane so it can be used while lying down (normally only suitable for vertical use)
  • Including Measurement Report
  • Precision for size 300x200x60mm according to DIN 875/00 (2,5u/2,5u)
  • Precision for size 400x250x60mm according to DIN 875/00 (3,0-2,5u/3,0)
  • Optional Storage Box made from wood