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DamenCNC has expanded its range of stepper drives: we now also stock EtherCAT
communication drives, Leadshine’s CS3E series. EtherCAT is an interesting system to use, when compared with the traditional step/direction type interface. In short, the advantages of EtherCAT are:
 Stronger anti-disturbance ability (less prone to EMC-problems)
 Enhanced performance (High speed motion, with high resolution)
 Simple wiring and longer communication distances up to 100 meters
 Lower costs (when using multiple drivers, and looking at the total cost of ownership)
 Flexibility & brand interchangeability (easy to mix different brands in one system, and easy to scale a system from say 8 to 16 axis)

The CS3E series drives support CANopen over EtherCAT (CoE) control and CiA 402 operating modes including Profile Position (PP), Profile Velocity (PV), Homing (HM and Cyclic Synchronous Position (CSP).  The products can be matched with many brands of EtherCAT controller/PLC such as Beckhoff, Delta, Omron, Trio, Keyence, etc. 

You can find the drives, and more information about EtherCAT, here:

EtherCAT stepper drives