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24 5 2018
DamenCNC B.V.

As of May 25 2018, a new privacy law is in force to protect personal data of European citizens. This is called the General  Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

DamenCNC has always been aware of the fact that privacy of our customers is very important and we have always dealt with it very consciously. We only use the personal data of our customers to send packages/invoices/quotations.

If you have ever ordered products from us, or have requested a quotation, your data is in our database. If  you want to know  which data we have from you, you can send us an email with the request to send it to you. Or, if you want us to remove your data from our database, you can let us know by email. You can send the email to

We have a new privacy statement (as of May the 25th 2018) That meets the new requirements. You can find the new privacy statement on our website: Privacy Statement.