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Delta DOP-100 Series

Human Machine Interface

The DOP-100 Series Human Machine Interfaces include a Basic HMI, Standard HMI and Advanced HMI for different applications. The HMIs adopt the latest Cortex-A8 / Dual Core high-speed processor and 65,536 color LCD screen with high brightness and contrast. In addition, they are equipped with the HMI programming software DOPSoft 4.0 and built-in Lua editor for easy programming as well as alarm / history log / user authority functions for highly efficient management. With advanced communication capabilities and enhanced functions, the DOP-100 Series elevates machine efficiency to bring more value to our customers, and to achieve "Automation for a Changing World"!

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DOP-107EG - HMI 7“ TFT Touch Screen
DOP-107EG - HMI 7“ TFT Touch Screen
Article number6161

DOP-107EG - HMI 7“ TFT Touch Screen

350,00 Excluding VAT Price per piece
Not in stock Not in stock
DOP-110IS - HMI 10“ TFT Touch Screen
DOP-110IS - HMI 10“ TFT Touch Screen
Article number6162

DOP-110IS - HMI 10“ TFT Touch Screen

810,00 Excluding VAT Price per piece
Limited stock Limited stock
DOP-110WS - HMI 10“ WVGA TFT Touch Screen
DOP-110WS - HMI 10“ WVGA TFT Touch Screen
720,00 Excluding VAT Price per piece
In Stock In Stock

HMIs can be used for many different purposes. Here are a few examples, of what you could do with a Delta DOP100 HMI. 

1. Interface with a Delta PLC

HMI are most often used to interface with a PLC. This works most easily with PLCs from the same brand, because most often the integration is more seamless. Often in the software the devices are already listed. And it's a matter of choosing the correct HMI that you are using in your project.  

2. Interface with a PLC, from a different brand for example Siemens S7-1200

HMI are most often used to interface with a PLC. This can be a PLC from Delta, but it can also be a completely different brand. Siemens S7-1200 is a very common PLC in the market. Using the Standard Siemens HMI is easy, because it is integrated in the TIA portal environment. But they are very expensive. A similar screen from Delta can easily be only a third to half the price. On YouTube, you can find many examples of how to communicate between TIA portal and Delta DOP-100 series. It's a bit more complicated, but it can save you a lot of money, especially when you make a series of machines. The extra time invested in programming is later recouped, because at each repeat sale, no new programming is done. The bigger the series the more intresting it is to use a Delta HMI with a Siemens PLC.   

3. Interface with a device from Delta , for example a Delta A2 servo drive.

What is less commonly known, is that a HMI can also be used to communicate with devices directly, which saves you the costs of a PLC. Items from Delta like a VFD or Servo drive, can be directly interfaced. Most often this works with Modbus RS-485 communication. What you can do is much more limited than with a PLC, but we do see this happening to save costs. Simple devices like automatic length stops for saws are a common item to make in this way. But also things like indexing table for a 4th axis, are made like this. We have also seen VFDs being interfaced to set the RPM on a HMI, and get feedback on the amount of power/amps being used.

4. Interface with a device from another brand, for example a Leadshine CS2RS stepper drive.

It's also possible to interface with other brands, as long as they have Modbus communication. Leadshine for example has a Modbus stepper driver (CS2RS-D1008), it can directly be interfaced with this type of HMI through modbus. We have several clients that use this type of Delta HMI, to communicate with other devices, items like heat controller also are available with Modbus, RS-485.