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AC Servo Drive 200W ASD-A2-0221-M

Article number 3836
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The ASDA-A2-M series of servo drives, is more advanced than the B2. For most CNC applications all these extra functions are not required. The A2 is very interesting for many other applications. It can be set into what's called PR mode, internal position mode. In internal position mode it's possible to attach for example a home switch, and you can then set parameters that will allow the drive + motor to home itself. Further you can set software limits of the range. Then you start a motion cycle by an event trigger switch. It is not like a PLC, it's much more simple. But for many applications this can be very interesting. Since all the inteligence is onboard, you don't need an extra PC or PLC or hours of programming.

Component features:

  • Connects directly to 230V single phase or 230V three phase
  • Rated output power: 200 W
  • Step/Dir or Analog input or Internal Position Controller (PR mode)
  • Position/Speed/Torque modes or mixed modes(Position and Speed etc) or Internal Position Controller
  • Auto-tuning of PID gains (see image) (ASDA Soft available for free download)
  • No programming Cable is required, it works via USB, cable included with delivery


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3836-1_AC_Servo_Drive_200W_ASD-A2-0221-M_STEP214.stp 3836-1 AC Servo Drive 200W ASD-A2-0221-M STEP214
3836_Brochure_Delta_ASDA-A2.pdf 3836 Brochure_Delta_ASDA-A2
3836_ASDA-A2_User_Manual_20150707.pdf 3836 ASDA-A2 User Manual 20150707 3836 ASDASoft_5.3.3.0_Install

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General conditions
Amount 3 - > 5,00 % on the retail price of 524,99 498,74
Amount 5 - > 10,00 % on the retail price of 524,99 472,49