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DamenCNC has expanded its range of timing belt pulleys and timing belts: in addition to XL037 timing belt pulleys with 3/8”belt width, we now also offer AT5 timing belt pulleys with 10mm and 25mm belt width. Over the years we have tested many beltdrive systems. We have been working with XL037 for years, because this is very common in CNC machines. The problem is that there is always some backlash between the timing belts and the timin belt pulleys. Later we started experimenting with AT5 timing belts and timing belts pulleys in our own products. We have seen/tested that AT5 has very low backlash and is much more suitable for the applications that we are in. These belts are lined with steel reinforcements, which also makes them much stiffer. This is very important for motion control. We offer the AT5 timing belt pulleys and timing belts in two widths, The narrowest belt is 10mm wide and is a direct replacement fort he XL037 with 3/8| (9.52mm) belt width. AT5 10mm can be used with NEMA23 and NEMA24 stepper motors, as well as with 100W and 200W servo systems, i.e. the smaller motors. The 25mm wide belt is better suited for heavier applications. This belt is used on NEMA34 and NEMA42 stepper motors, as well as 400W and 750W servo systems.
In addition to the standard AT5 timing belt pulleys, we also offer specially designed AT5 timing belt pulleys that can be mounted on a shaft of 8mm (NEMA23), 14mm (NEMA34 and 400W servo) or 19mm (750W servo) without additional processing by means of a conical clamping bush. Making a bore yourself, milling a keyway or gluing the shaft is no longer necessary.

You can find our timing belts and timing belt pulleys here: