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Frequently asked questions

Below you can find the answers to frequently asked questions. Click on the question and you will see the answer.

VAT (Value added Tax)

Our website automatically charges the VAT when required.

- International clients outside the EU do not pay VAT, since these are export shipments for DamenCNC.
- Clients based in the Netherlands always pay VAT, regardless of whether they are a company or a private person
- Clients outside the Netherlands but inside the EU:
   - Private persons inside the EU, except the Netherlands, cannot order at DamenCNC.
   - Companies do not have to pay VAT, but only if they supply their VALID VAT number. You can check if the VAT number is valid here We assume at first the provided VAT number is valid and will then also accept payment for the order. We check the VAT number, if the provided VAT number is not correct, or does not match the company address,  we will cancel the order and reimburse your payment. Please take care that you provide the correct VAT number!