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Frequently asked questions

Below you can find the answers to frequently asked questions. Click on the question and you will see the answer.

If you are on our website and you see that an article is "In stock" we can ship the same day, after we have received your payment. Please note we need to receive your order/payment before 15:30 to guarantee this.  The only exception is if we need to saw or do custom work. Than it can take a few days extra before we ship your order.

If an article has "Limited stock" the above is also applicable. With the extra exception that, if more people order the same product a the same time, an article can be sold out. If this happens we will contact you about the delivery time.

When an article is "Not in stock" you can send us an email about the expected delivery time. Most articles can be shipped within a week, also if we don't have them in stock.